Plywood and Block Board Prices increase from 10th October in Haryana

Increase in price is due to increase in cost of input

Yanuna Nagar (PLYBAZAR News Desk) : A meeting of the Executive Committee of Haryana Plywood manufacturers association being held on 9th October 2018 in Yamunanagar. In this meeting it has been unanimously decided to raise the Prices of finished Products as under with effect from 10th October 2018.

1. Plywood & Block Board (poplar)         7%

2. Alternate Ply, Flush Doors, Red Core Plywood and

Film Face/ Shuttering plywood            5%

The increase in Prices is due to continuous increase of input cost viz Popular Wood, face Veneer, Phenol, Formaldehyde and also cost of labour Wages.
Mr. J.K. Bihani President (HPMA) requested to all the Plywood Manufacturer, Dealers and Distibuters to fully Cooperate in this decision.

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