Laminates Prices raised by Manufacturers

This is due to the abnormal increase in cost of input

Yanuna Nagar (PLYBAZAR News Desk) : Due to a huge hike in the prices of chemicals and other raw materials like Phenol, Methanol, Malamine, Formaldehyde and other crude materials like Kraft, Paper and Decorative Papers made a pressure on manufacturers to increase in the Prices of Laminates products.

The Laminates manufacturers make amendments in prices of Laminates products as under

1.00mm – Rs. 45/sheet
0.90mm – Rs. 30/sheet
0.80mm – Rs. 25/sheet
0.70mm – Rs. 20/sheet

Door Skin – Rs. 20/sheet
Manufactur association request to all the Laminate Manufacturer to fully cooperate in this decision.

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